Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless Chosen for the Debut of NAMM TEC Tracks Sessions

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The NAMM TEC Tracks Session, Dream Studios by Design, featuring noted producers, engineers and designers, from left: Carl Tatz, Ed Cherney, Bob Bullock, John Storyk, Vincent van Haaff, Buddy Brundo and Sylvia Massy.

At this year’s annual Winter NAMM Show, the “TEC Tracks” sessions made their debut on the second floor of the Anaheim Convention Center. The TEC Tracks program featured more than 70 sessions including music technology master classes, live interviews and panel discussions with a variety of well-known musicians, producers, designers and other noted industry professionals.

Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless Technology was on hand to meet the challenges in this environment, including LMa Transmitters, HH Handheld Microphones and Venue Receivers. 

Taking place throughout each day for four continuous days in three different rooms with sessions happening concurrently, the sessions were presented in a variety of styles, including talk show style and panel style, including Q&A sessions with packed audiences. For the audio team, production of the NAMM TEC Tracks presented all the challenges inherent in such a busy wireless environment. 

“It all boils down to how difficult it is to use wireless products during a busy trade show, especially in Southern California, one of the most challenging environments in the country," says Mark Frink, Audio Supervisor of The TEC Tracks. "In this region, there is essentially no free space to put wireless mics, and so even in a normal situation, you end up having to put units on top of frequencies that are already occupied. And in a busy convention environment, you are fighting the wireless in adjacent rooms in a very crowded spectrum to begin with—it’s more than complex. It’s essential to have the best equipment in such a challenging environment, and Lectrosonics has the best reputation and is the easiest system to get good results with.”

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Lectrosonics LMa Transmitters and HH Handheld Microphone

Frink and his team used the Venue receiver with five LMa transmitters and DPA 4080 microphones coupled with an HH with an HHC capsule for the sessions to deliver the sounds of some of the biggest names in music and professional audio, including "Birth of a Record: Hotel California," a talk show style deconstruction of the famous recording with Joe Walsh and panel presentations such as "Dream Studios by Design," which featured discussions with a number of Grammy Award-winning producers, engineers and studios designers.

“There’s a reason that so many film and TV crews use Lectrosonics,” adds Frink. “Like our production of the NAMM TEC Tracks, they don’t have the luxury of a second take."

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