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Lectrosonics IFBT4

Lectrosonics introduces the IFBT4, its latest Interruptible Fold Back base-station transmitter. The new unit replaces the company’s analog IFBT1 unit. The IFBT4 is a 250 megawatt Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitter for IFB and other types of radio links, such as camera hops, relay stations and delayed loudspeakers. It is compatible with all Lectrosonics 100, 200, 400 and IFB receivers, along with receivers from two other manufacturers (contact Lectrosonics for details). In 400 mode, the IFBT4 and associated receivers operate without analog-compounding artifacts.

The IFBT4 is designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater and stage applications. The IFBT4 can be used as part of a stand-alone system or patched directly into popular intercom systems. DIP switches on the rear panel provide direct compatibility with RTS and Clear Com intercom systems, and a preamp stage with a balanced input is also included to facilitate direct connection to dynamic microphones in addition to studio line-level sources. A “tuning” mode is included so that the transmitting frequency can be selected without broadcasting.

The IFBT4 features a new backlit LCD with front-panel control for programming and operation. A selectable highpass filter with settings at 35 and 50 Hz allows for transmission of full audio bandwidth if required. The unit is housed in a machined-aluminum, powder-coated shell. The IFBT4 is powered by 6 to 18V DC via a locking connector and is supplied with an antenna that is detachable from the 50-ohm BNC connector on the rear panel. Remote antennas can be used for applications where enhanced coverage is required.

Frequency response of the IFBT4 is 40 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1dB in 200 and 400 modes. Availability: February 2007. MSRP: $1,085.

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