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Lectrosonics SMQ Transmitter

Lectrosonics’ SMQ “Super-Mini” ($1,960) quarter-watt wireless transmitter has cleared FCC regulatory requirements and is now available. The 250mW RF output of the SMQ provides exceptional range and resistance to interference, and the unit’s RF-isolated output reduces IM (inter-modulation) products when the transmitter is used in multichannel systems.

Similar to the SM transmitter introduced by Lectrosonics in 2005, the new SMQ features a membrane-switch front panel, LCD and specially plated, machined-aluminum housing. The SMQ responds to commands generated by the optional RM remote-control unit.

The SMQ ships with a leather belt clip pouch and a set of four 2500mAh rechargeable NiMh AA batteries and a charger. An optional wire belt clip is available.

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