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Linear Acoustic Aeromax

New from Linear Acoustic are the Aeromax-DTV and Aeromax-TV television audio processors. The Aeromax-DTV multichannel television audio processor offers 6-channel functionality for surround broadcasting, while the Aeromax-TV stereo television audio processor provides processing of 2-channel programming and features CrowdControl dialog protection processing. Additional members of the Aeromax family will be unveiled at NAB 2007, introducing a host of new features built upon the firm’s OctiMax 5.1 multichannel processor.

The target price for Aeromax-DTV is $12,000; current options include Metadata Support ($1,500) and AutoMax Automatic Stereo-to-Multichannel Upmixing ($750). Notably, all Aeromax Series units now incorporate audio-frame synchronization as a cost-saving standard feature to help stations maintain error-free digital audio.

The Aeromax-TV is a dynamics unit for 2-channel main plus SAP audio or four mono channels of audio. CrowdControl dialog protection processing is provided for the main program audio.

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