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Link Audio SB Snake System

The SB (stage box) audio distribution snake system has been designed for live applications where a single mixer is used. It comprises stage extensions that permit separate in and out channels by running one cable from the stage to the mixer (black color for mixer in and red for mixer out).

The system is manufactured in 15/10 mild steel, and finished in black-dust ebony. Features include amphenal XLR and multiple length individually shielded multipair cable from euro-cable. The SB system ends with a 100cm fan out and protected by a special “heat-shrink” jacket, maintaining flexibility.

The new SB Compact line now include 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-channel snake systems. The new SB large-formated fixed box snake systems are available in 32, 40 and 48-channel versions. All systems are available in a variety of I/O combinations.

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