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Little Feat Mixes on APB-DynaSonics

The entertainment for the homecoming weekend celebration at Hampden-Sydney College was “An Evening With Little Feat.” Howard Burke (pictured), the band’s longtime FOH engineer who’s used a variety of consoles over the years, had never worked with an APB-DynaSonics Spectra Series board before, but the first meeting went exceptionally well.

As Burke reports, “The APB console is really easy to set up and use and laid out very efficiently. It’s really cool. I love the way it looks. Even though I hadn’t ever used it before the show at Hampden-Sydney, I didn’t have to ask any questions about setup. And I was surprised it was a 48-channel board given the fact that it’s so small. The ease of use is awesome.

“I really loved the strong primary colors and the fact that everything is really easy to see, so when you’re using it in low light you always know where you are without using a flashlight,” he adds. “You can see it really well during a show, no dark spots. I can actually see all of the numbers!”

In terms of the sound, Burke says he “would rank it up there among the best boards I’ve used. The mic pre’s sound great and, as far as I’m concerned, if they don’t sound good, then the board can’t sound good. The sound quality of this APB board is freaking amazing! Very transparent-sounding, it’s like crystal.”

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