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Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Acquires Audient Sumo

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) recently took delivery of an Audient Sumo analog summing amplifier for its Pro Tools–based Studio 5 (pictured). LIPA, whose lead patron is Sir Paul McCartney, was opened in 1996 and offers degree-level training and education.

“Analog summing is a topic of interest to many in the professional audio field, and the addition of Sumo to Studio 5 gives students the opportunity to explore it for themselves,” says LIPA’s head of sound technology, Jon Thornton. “Sumo has an impact on mixes in small, but noticeable, ways and it’s definitely worth a listen.”

LIPA has six studios, each designed with a particular purpose to equip students with a broad knowledge of recording environments and technologies. Studios 3 and 4 were equipped with Audient ASP8024 consoles in 2002. Studio 5 is a small studio designed for overdubs and mixing, and has a Pro Control mixing surface, a Digidesign 192 I/O interface, and an Audient ASP008 mic preamp as a front-end for tracking.

For more information, visit Audient’s U.S. distributor, Audio Exchange International, at and LIPA at