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Lyon Video Debuts Mobile Unit 14 with Genelec 5.1 System

Lyon Video’s new MU14 truck, featuring audio monitoring by Genelec.

Mobile video and audio production company Lyon Video, based in Columbus, Ohio, services a wide range of broadcast clients including sports programs for ESPN and Fox, programming for Red Bull and Public Broadcasting’s Antiques Roadshow. At the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 7-10), Lyon is introducing its Mobile Unit 14 truck (MU14), marking the next generation of remote broadcast vehicles for the organization.

MU14 brings the company’s complement of main vehicles to an even dozen, plus additional “B” units. MU14 showcases new technology platforms such as a Calrec Apollo digital audio console and Grass Valley K-Frame video production switcher. In addition,MU14, like all of Lyon Video’s remote vehicles, features audio monitoring by Genelec, sourced through Full Compass.

MU14 has a Genelec 5.1 SE DSP Monitoring System installed in its audio control room, comprising an L/C/R of three 8240A Bi-Amplified DSP Smart Active Monitors (SAM), a pair of 8130A digital monitors as the rear surround array, and an SE7261A Active DSP Subwoofer. The system also features Genelec’s SE (Small Environments) DSP System software. After its debut at the NAB Show, MU14 will become available on Lyon Video’s schedule as of July.

“MU14 is a cutting-edge truck, designed to show off some of the most advanced technology platforms available,” says Bob Lyon, Lyon Video’s president. “The Genelec speakers and software certainly support that for audio. The GLM software gives the monitoring environment an enormous amount of flexibility, allowing every different A1 who mixes there the ability to set it up to meet their own particular needs and tastes, such as setting the delays to exactly what they require for their surround mixes. But at the same time, it assures everyone of quality sound.

“And that’s not just our opinion,” Lyon continues. “Genelec is the most client-requested and client-endorsed speaker out there. It’s what the A1 wants to mix through, and that’s why we’ve chosen Genelec for every one of our trucks, in the audio control rooms and the production areas. They’re all Genelec. It’s the universally accepted standard in broadcast audio. Combined with the flexibility that the software adds, for Lyon Video there’s no other choice.”

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