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M-Audio Announces Three New Software Titles

M-Audio is now distributing three new software titles: Spectron, Ozone 3 and Trash, all developed by partner iZotope Inc. and all available exclusively through M-Audio.

Spectron is a complete effects processing software package that includes standard effects including delay, chorus, filter, flange, panning and morphing, each incorporating spectral domain processing. Delay effects, for example, have the added ability to selectively delay, feedback and modulate specific ranges of frequencies. Internal 64-bit processing and support of up to 192kHz audio delivers signal.

iZotope’s Ozone 3 combines analog modeling with 64-bit digital precision to deliver an integrated suite of world-class mastering processors. Its single interface combines all of the required mastering tools in one system and incorporates 64-bit DSP until final output.

Ozone 3’s toolset includes an 8-band paragraphic equalizer with linear phase, tube-modeled and matching modes; mastering reverb with plate and modeled algorithms; intelligent loudness maximizer with brick-wall peak limiter and multiple detection modes; real-time analysis; and features MBIT+ dithering for psychoacoustically optimal word length reduction. Ozone 3 provides metering for correlation, phase, dynamics, gain reduction, dithering and more. It also features multiband dynamics, harmonic exciter and frequency-dependent stereo imaging.

The Trash distortion plug-in serves as a realistic guitar rig simulator, including rectified overdrive and an array of 85 cabinet models ranging from vintage to experimental—plus three microphone models. Trash offers multiband, dual-stage distortion including 48 algorithms; 36 filter types spanning analog, resonant, clean and saturated; and multiband compression and gating. There’s also analog modeling for added warmth, plus extensive delay modeling including analog, low-fi and tape-style. Users can chain pairs of distortions together and apply distortion independently to individual frequency bands.

All three products include 64-bit processing, 192kHz audio, CPU efficiency, unlimited undo history, automation and stability. Ozone, Spectron and Trash offer broad host support including the following (or later revisions): Live 4, Cubase SX 1.0.6 (PC/Mac), Nuendo 1.61, Logic 6.4.1, ACID 4.0, SONAR 1.0, Pro Tools LE/TDM 6.1 (PC/Mac) and other hosts supporting AudioUnits, DirectX, MAS or VST. Minimum system requirements are a PC with 600MHz processor running Windows 98se, ME, 2000 or XP, or a Mac G4 running OS 10.2.

MSRPs: Spectron, $129.99; Ozone 3, $249.99; and Trash, $199.99. All three products are currently shipping for OS X and Windows. For demos and more information, visit or