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Mackie Announces Master Fader Version 4

Update Includes Output RTA, iPad Pro Support

Mackie in Woodinville, Wash., announces the immediate availability of its Master Fader Version 4 control app for the company’s DL32R, DL1608 and DL806 digital mixers.

Leading the new feature list is the addition of an RTA on each output. Users can now view a real time RTA beneath any output’s PEQ or GEQ. This visual feedback is helpful when tuning a room or making precise EQ adjustments. For those who are new to mixing, it also offers a way to learn how EQ affects the sound of a mix.

Master Fader V. 4 marks the integration of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch support within a single app, doing away with the need for the separate My Fader app for personal monitor mixing. Now, Master Fader recognizes which device type is being used and sets the features accordingly. Using a single app for all supported devices offers easier management and updating for users. Master Fader V. 4 also adds support for the iPad Pro.

DL1608 and DL806 users can now install, see and gain access to recordings directly from Master Fader. This also allows for direct playback from Master Fader so users can audition recordings or use them immediately for intermission music, room tuning and more.

Exporting these tracks is also now simpler, taking advantage of Master Fader’s integration with the iOS share sheet.

DL32R users will see the addition of a built-in oscillator, useful for testing system functionality, ensuring hookups are correct and general diagnoses. Route the oscillator’s signal (pink noise, white noise or sine wave with selectable frequency) to any channel or physical output.

New to Master Fader is the ability to easily copy and paste channels and mixes. Master Fader now also has a completely scalable UI, including the ability to use the new Split View in iOS 9. Musicians controlling their own mix onstage will be able to see both Master Fader and a set list, lyrics or music sheets without having to switch apps. A new quick assign function makes assigning channel ID easier. An update to access limiting completely hides limited features, so installers can create a custom workflow for their customers. The new version of Master Fader also offers tighter integration with iOS.

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