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Mackie Debuts iP Series Loudspeakers for Installations

Passive Speaker Line is Designed Especially for Contractors

At Winter NAMM, Mackie introduced its iP Series Install Performance Loudspeakers, comprising  three full-range models— iP-10 (10-inch; $519.99 MSRP), iP-12 (12-inch;  $669.99 MSRP) and iP-15 (15-inch;  $749.99 MSRP)—and iP-18S,  a companion 18-inch subwoofer ($879.99 MSRP). Mackie iP Series loudspeakers are designed for installation applications including houses of worship, theaters, auditoriums, casinos, clubs and karaoke rooms.  

The full-range speakers feature 8x M10 rigging points and a rotatable 90×50-degree horn to support both vertical and horizontal rigging. A rotatable center logo allows for clean presentation in all configurations.  

Components include high-output, custom-designed woofers with large voice coils to handle more power for maximum output, and 1.4-inch titanium diaphragm compression drivers for smooth, consistent high-frequency response.

The iP Series offers a choice of either Neutrik or terminal connections and a selection of mounting accessories—both a ceiling and wall-mount bracket. The optional SP260 2×6 Speaker Processor features presets specifically for the iP loudspeaker for quick setup.  

Available accessories include the Mackie PA-A2 eyebolt kit ($47.99 U.S. MSRP), iP-CM100 ceiling mount ($99.99 U.S. MSRP)  and iP-WM100 wall mount ($99.99 U.S. MSRP). 

The SP260 speaker processor is sold separately with a U.S. MSRP of $629.99. 

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