Manager Products MSM c1


Manger Products presents the MSM c1 reference monitor, the first model in its new active studio monitor line, and is designed to handle new high-resolution audio formats. The MSM c1 combines the qualities of the Manager transducer (MSW) and an 8-inch woofer in a sealed cabinet.

The amplified two-way system uses analog filter and amplifier technology with extremely high bandwidth, allowing the MSW to originate extremely fast transients and highly complex musical structures from a single point source down to 300 Hz. A custom-made 8-inch woofer handles the frequency range down to 30 Hz. Various equalization filters help to adapt the MSM c1 into the listening environment.

An additional 8-inch woofer, the MSM c1 LF-Module, can be switched in parallel for higher SPL and larger rooms. Two different stands are available: The MSM c1 stand is available in different fixed heights, while the MSM c1 lift stand offers a lockable gas spring for adjusting its height.

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