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Margarita Mix de Santa Monica Upgrades to Fairlight DREAM

The L.A. Studios Inc., a post-production company, announced that its Margarita Mix de Santa Monica facility has upgraded two of its studios with Fairlight DREAM Constellation consoles. Another system will go online next month, and the company is considering adding more Fairlight equipment to its Margarita Mix Hollywood location.

“Our customers rely on us to be at the vanguard of audio post from our award-winning mixers to the equipment we use,” says Jesse Meli, president and CEO of The L.A. Studios, Inc. “The Fairlight Constellations allow us to respond to client needs more quickly and give our team unprecedented control over all aspects of the audio post process. After two years of researching the DREAM Constellation, we’re confident our clients are going to enjoy what this system can accomplish.”

Unique to the DREAM Constellation is the ability to edit the automation and audio simultaneously. This feature enables an operator to move clips, tracks, ranges or entire projects with any previously written automation moves carried forward in place with the audio.

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