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Martin Audio Celebrates 35 Years

Martin Audio recently celebrated its 35th anniversary at the Roadhouse club at The Piazza in London’s Covent Garden. Not coincidentally, the Roadhouse is situated on the site of Martin Audio’s original manufacturing facility where the company, under the leadership of audio designer David Martin, began building loudspeaker systems for large-scale productions by Pink Floyd, The Who, ELP, Supertramp, Dire Straits and others.

From the beginning, Martin was engaged in a quest for exceptionally loud and accurate loudspeakers that could effectively reproduce the increasingly complex and sophisticated music of the times for audiences that were growing in terms of numbers and expectations for high-quality sound throughout the venue. Older loudspeaker systems comprising columns or re-entrant horns were not capable of getting the job done. To achieve this, Martin designed a speaker system based around unique horn developments.

Originally, Martin Audio had distribution in only one or two countries. Now, the company has its own operation in North America and a steadily growing business in nearly 50 markets around the world with a wide range of loudspeakers for touring and commercial installations, such as stadiums, arenas, houses of worship, restaurants, clubs, entertainment destinations, movie theaters and more.

Commenting on this milestone in the company’s history, managing director David Bissett-Powell (pictured) says, “I knew David back in the early days and we continued a relationship right up until his untimely death.I think he’d be quite proud of how the company has progressed and the team that we’ve built over the last 15 years. Some of his early customers are still with us today, and it feels like the Martin Audio team, our distributors and customers are all one big family. We all share the same passion for quality results and satisfying our end-users.

“Every morning when I enter our facility,” Bissett-Powell continues, “I pass the bronze bust of David Martin in our entrance lobby and never fail to think that his initial passion is what started this whole business 35 years ago.”

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