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Martin Audio W8L Longbow

Since the launch of the W8L, Martin Audio has developed a patent-pending technology that provides an exceptional degree of control over the curvature of the high-frequency vertical wavefront. Research has shown that even very long-throw systems benefit from a small, but specific amount of wavefront curvature. By coupling this technology with significant advances in high-frequency device design, Martin Audio has created a quad-driver, high-frequency system with a significant 10dB greater output capability over the W8L enclosure.

This additional HF headroom enables the W8L Longbow to cope with the most adverse atmospheric conditions that can severely attenuate high frequencies over long distances. The new system also results in improved HF summation of cabinets in the array and a corresponding reduction of side lobes.

In the low-frequency section, the 15-inch (380mm) Hybrid™ bass horn design is responsible for the tight, punchy and extended low-frequency performance of the W8L. Development of a completely new ultralong excursion driver gives the W8L Longbow the ability to displace almost twice the volume of air as the W8L when driven with the same input signal. This advance extends the low-frequency -3dB point down to 35 Hz.

Features of the system include large-scale, three-way line array element; horn-loaded 15-inch LF (106 dB @ 1W, 1m; single cabinet); twin 8-inch mid-horn (109 dB @ 1W, 1m; single cabinet); quad 1-inch HF horn (119 dB @ 1W, 1m; single cabinet); consistent 90-degree horizontal mid- and HF pattern control; fast, integral rigging system with variable splay angles; ViewPoint™ array-optimization software; factory-controller presets for a wide variety of configurations; compatibility with flown or ground-stacked W8LS; and compatibility with ground-stacked WLX, WSX, WS218X.

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