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Martin Audio W8VDQ

Martin Audio’s W8VDQ compact, three-way system combines line array and differential dispersion technologies to provide a solution for even coverage over wide angles and throw distances.

The system has been designed to provide a short-throw horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees, narrowing to 100 degrees as the throw increases. The vertical differential directivity (VDQ) creates progressively more HF output as throw distance increases. The resulting dispersion pattern is suited to covering audiences located on flat or gradually sloping surfaces.

Designed for passive or bi-amp operation, and combining a Hybrid™ quad 8-in LF and MF configuration with quad 1-in HF (all horn-loaded), the system achieves a maximum SPL of 131 dB (continuous), 137 dB (peak).

The W8VDQ is compatible with WMX, WS18X and WS218X subwoofers.

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