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Mellencamp Out With WorxAudio

While Clair Bros. Systems handle the hardware for sound reinforcement, it’s not uncommon to find WorxAudio Technologies’ TL.218SS Sub Bass System filling in the bottom end for John Mellencamp’s tour.

Independent sound engineer John Robbins (pictured), who for more than 20 years has served as Mellencamp’s trusted sound engineer and also works front of house for Steely Dan, assembled a rig comprising four TL.218SS subwoofers powered by Crown Macro-Tech 3600VZ power amplifiers in bridged mono to each speaker. With two enclosures on each side of the stage and approximately 54 feet between sides, Robbins says he had more bottom end than he ever imagined possible.

“I fed the TL.218SS via an auxiliary send off the Midas XL4 console from FOH,” states Robbins. “The WorxAudio subwoofers did an incredible job with the kick drum and they really filled up the floor areas. Anyone that was in the first 12 rows had plenty of bottom end, and this continued throughout the venue. To be honest, these cabinets are capable of providing way more sub-bass than I even needed. I was tempted to turn them down a bit just to make it easier on the folks in the first several rows.

“We were working quite a few large-format venues,” adds Robbins, “and never once did I have the slightest reservation about the low-end capabilities of the TL.218SS enclosures.

“What’s particularly attractive about this subwoofer is that to get so much SPL at that low frequency, you normally have to use a lot more cabinets. Given the power these cabinets support, there was a remarkably small footprint on the stage floor. In this day and age, the bottom-line guys—the accountants and production managers—want smaller, louder systems. They don’t want all that extra equipment in the trucks because the more weight you have to ship, the higher the show’s expenses. So in this respect, the WorxAudio boxes are right on the money—in addition to their sound capabilities.”

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