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Merging Technologies Announces MYK-X Series Cards

Merging Technologies announces the latest addition to its line of Mykerinos PCI-format DSP cards, the MYK-X Series cards, along with a range of associated I/O daughter cards. Taking advantage of recent improvements in Philips’ Tri Media processor technology, the MYK-X30 offers 1.2 gigaflops of peak processing power and a memory bandwidth of 1,600 MB/second.

The MYK-X30 is a half-length PCI Express card; with one of its associated optional I/O daughter cards attached, it occupies one PCIe slot in the host PC. The X30 is backward-compatible with previous Mykerinos cards and I/O daughter cards.

A single MYK-X30 card permits Pyramix systems to mix 48 channels and all strip tools plug-ins simultaneously to stereo and surround buses. Users can daisy-chain multiple instances of the new card for greater processing power. Because most currently available PC motherboards feature both legacy 32-bit PCI and PCI Express card slots, users can mix and match existing PCI Mykerinos cards and add MYK-X30s to expand the performance or total I/O capabilities of a Pyramix system.

The MYK-X30 offers onboard video sync input and output, and includes Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) facilities. Its audio outputs have been improved so that DSD monitoring is now possible via the built-in monitor outputs without prior conversion to PCM first.

Merging’s existing SDIF daughter card has undergone a firmware upgrade and now supports both high-resolution PCM and DSD-format audio, as well as the ability to input audio and metadata from Sony’s vintage PCM1630 CD mastering recorders. A new AES/EBU daughter card, the AES-EBU II DC, is planned for release in the first quarter of 2007, offering 24 channels of I/O at up to 192 kHz.

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