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Metallica Adds 76 Meyer Sound MJF-210 Stage Monitors to Touring Kit

Meyer Sound MJF-210 stage monitor

Meyer Sound in Berkeley, Calif., reports that Metallica will expand its touring inventory with 76 units of the company’s new MJF-210 stage monitor. The lightest self-powered stage monitor in the company’s product line, the MJF-210 was developed to the exacting demands presented by the Metallica production team. The band’s new monitors will first be used on its South American tour this spring.

Bringing the sonic performance of the MJF-212A stage monitor to a more compact package, the MJF-210 is the direct result of a collaborative effort between Meyer Sound and its customers in the field. Looking for a new solution to meet a series of onstage reinforcement requirements, including weight, footprint, power and clarity, the Metallica team turned to Meyer Sound. The team, including Dan Braun, show director, along with monitor engineer Bob Cowan and assistant monitor engineer Adam Correia, subsequently took part in the beta product testing during the Asian leg of the band’s recent tour.

“Meyer Sound embraced our demanding performance specs for a new compact stage monitor that would stand up to the rigors of Metallica touring and satisfy the critical ear of James Hetfield,” says Braun. “The resulting MJF-210 exceeds every parameter without compromise. The support we received from the company’s engineering staff demonstrates that everybody at Meyer Sound is indeed a part of the Metallica family.”

The MJF-210 features a low-profile design with an impressive power-to-size ratio, and very low distortion. Each monitor measures less than 14 inches high and weighs 67 pounds. In addition, it provides the sonic and practical advantages of a self-powered system, including reliability, low distortion, and ease of setup and configuration. With the amplifier built into the cabinet, the MJF-210 eliminates amplifier racks and saves valuable backstage and truck space.

The front of the MJF-210 slopes at an optimal 40 degrees from the stage, while the constant directivity horn (50×70 degrees, HxV) gives the performer more freedom to move on stage while staying within the wide vertical coverage. The drivers are powered by a 3-channel Class-D amplifier.

Winner of eight Grammy Awards with more than 110 million recordings sold worldwide, Metallica is acclaimed as one of the most influential bands in the history of hard rock music. Metallica uses the Meyer Sound MJF-212A stage monitors in its Northern California rehearsal studio.

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