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Metropolis To Mix “Greatest Gig on Earth”

Following the recent worldwide Live 8 performances, London’s Metropolis Studios is gearing up for the daunting task of mixing, mastering, compiling and authoring the audio from the concerts for subsequent DVD release.

To facilitate this process, Metropolis is using a Prism Sound ADA-8 multi-channel converter and processor, including recently purchased ADA-8XR units, among other items.

“We recently added to our compliment of ADA-8s to include the newly launched XRs because this allows us to integrate into our current DigiDesign Pro Tools HD systems without the need for reinvestment in all new hardware,” says John Goldstraw, head of technical development at Metropolis. ”They also allow us to add to the already superlative audio quality we’ve come to expect from Prism Sound.”

Hailed as “The Greatest Gig On Earth,” Live 8 featured a galaxy of rock and pop artists who performed at venues across four continents. In London alone, 200,000 fans witnessed the event, which was aimed at persuading G8 leaders to end global poverty.

Audio for the DVD, which is scheduled for pre-Christmas release, was recorded onto Pyramix and transferred to ProTools at Metropolis in readiness for the mixing process. It will be mastered at 24-bit 96k.

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