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Meyer Sound Constellation

Meyer Sound’s Constellation™ electroacoustic architecture is a complete package of equipment and services that gives venues the flexibility to alter their acoustics instantly and accommodate a variety of events and source material while remaining virtually invisible to the eye.

Constellation employs Meyer Sound’s VRAS variable room acoustic system processor with newly designed Stella™ loudspeakers and Constellation microphones certified by Meyer Sound. The VRAS technology, originally developed by Dr. Mark Poletti of Industrial Research Limited, employs a powerful DSP engine capable of generating multichannel reverberation and early reflections, as well as mixing, processing and routing them.

The sound of Constellation is natural because it behaves like a real room, with early reflections generated from stage sound and accurately directionalized, while reverberation comes from a combination of a digital reverberation chamber and a regenerative acoustical structure. The regenerative portion of Constellation incorporates the natural acoustics of the room, rather than ignoring them or trying to overpower them with artificial reverberation.

Constellation is a fully integrated turnkey solution, designed as a whole system that includes comprehensive support and equipment. Every Constellation installation is tailored to the characteristics and demands of the venue. Constellation is scalable and flexible. Each Constellation system is created and commissioned by certified and accomplished professionals in acoustics and digital signal processing.

Meyer Sound has developed Constellation in several installations, the most notable being in Zellerbach Hall on the University of California Berkeley campus.

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