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Meyer Sound Galileo Callisto Loudspeaker Management System

Meyer Sound has begun delivery of the Galileo Callisto, its new signal processing and loudspeaker management system designed for the precise calibration of Meyer Sound arrays. Building on the company’s original Galileo loudspeaker management system, Galileo Callisto features a set of new, specialized tools that streamline the deployment of the LEO large-scale line array loudspeaker system and M Series line array products.

Galileo Callisto shares the core I/O, performance and control features of the original Galileo, but with new tools. The new U-Shaping filter provides a sculpting tool for users to efficiently adjust the gain, width and slope. Delay integration in the Compass control software offers a quick alignment tool to ensure a coherent summation when combining different loudspeaker elements. Delay integration settings are currently available for LEO-M with MICA as downfill, MILO, M’elodie, and MINA.

Galileo Callisto allows simultaneous application of high- and lowpass filters in the output processing, giving users greater flexibility for artistic sound design.In addition to existing filters, Galileo Callisto has added two signal processing filters in the high- and lowpass filter settings: Linkwitz-Riley and Butterworth.

A direct routing option in Galileo Callisto allows users to address a single output individually, providing a greater degree of control for each element in a sound system.

The first Galileo Callisto processors were shipped as part of a Meyer Sound LEO system to rental companies such as AVAB CAC, Blackhawk Audio, Dushow, KiAN Concert Sound, Major Tom Ltd., Solotech, and Starlight.

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