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Meyer Sound Tutorial Videos for CAL Column Array Loudspeaker, MAPP Online Pro

To expand its training support for product users, Meyer Sound has released two new online tutorial videos, focusing on the use of the MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction program and the Compass control software for the CAL column array loudspeakers.

The CAL tutorial shows how to use the Compass control software to set up and operate the CAL loudspeakers and control their beam steering and splitting capabilities. Viewers are given an overview of initial system configuration, input selection, preset selection, and parameter modification for creating new presets.

The MAPP Online Pro tutorial introduces users to the software’s main operating modes, and guides them through the basic features of the program, and its use in loudspeaker coverage prediction.

These new product training resources complement Meyer Sound’s comprehensive education program, which dates back to the 1980s. The program offers audio education seminars and Webcasts for practitioners of all skill levels, and includes topics from technical fundamentals to sound system design and optimization.

Watch Meyer Sound’s CAL Compass Product Tutorial on Meyer Sound’s Website.

Watch Meyer Sound’s MAPP Online Pro Modes Product Tutorial on Meyer Sound’s Website.