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Mid-America Increases Crown Inventory

Mid-America Sound Corp. (Indianapolis) added to its Crown I-Tech Series inventory to a total of 64 with the purchase of 18 I-T6000 amplifiers. The I-T6000 amplifiers are being used to power the company’s mains, which include JBL VerTec VT4880, VT4887 and VT4889 line array systems; 26 I-T4000s are currently devoted to providing power to monitor wedges.

“We have been a Crown Macro-Tech company for a long time, and the I-Techs are fitting quite nicely where our MA-5002VZs, MA-3600VZs and MA-36x12s have been previously,” says Jason Wells, audio division manager with Mid-America. “With the DSP onboard, we are able to create a set of presets with different cross-over points for each of the different wedge configurations we use. Our I-Tech racks have 16-port Ethernet switches inside of them with RJ-45 jacks on the front, so you can easily connect with software to upload presets or monitor the amps performance.”

Recent events by Mid-America Sound include the Comcast nationally televised Live New Years Eve event at Universal Studios Orlando, which featured performances by STYX, the Funk Brothers, Gloria Gaynor and others.

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