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MixLine Feature: Quad Studios Completes Sale

From L to R: Quad Studios’ Robbie Norris, Ricky Hosn and David “Ros” Rosner

Credit: David Weiss

It took longer than was initially expected, but the sale of the four floors of Quad Studios ( below its penthouse has been completed. In NYC, Lou Gonzales has passed the torch to Ricky Hosn, the 29-year-old former owner of Renaissance Recording in Tampa, FL. The studio will continue to operate under the Quad name and retain many key members of the staff, including Operations Manager Robbie Norris, Assistant Manager Willis Sowder, and Studio Manager David “Ros” Rosner. Gonzales will continue to own and operate Quad Nashville.

While Quad’s traditional commercial facility business plan will keep them largely out of competition with their new neighbors upstairs, Tainted Blue Productions, there are some definite similarities in the new school outlook they bring. “It means the world to me to get Quad,” Hosn says. “The old school is a lot different. Today, one person can engineer, mix and produce the whole record. The rooms I’m going to open up are for one person to start and finish by themselves, using digital workstations and virtual synths. But being able to put that with the old school – now I can take that to a world-class J room – that’s a lot different.” Extensive renovations to the studio and equipment upgrades have already begun and will be completed in early 2006.