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Molex Becomes UXPi Member

Molex has become a member of the Unified 10Gbps physical-layer Initiative (UXPi). UXPi’s goal is to promote a common physical-layer standard for serial chip-to-chip and backplane data transmission at 10 Gbps, and Molex joined the group in an effort to develop and promote that goal.

According to David McCallum, a strategic product manager with Molex, the company plays an active role in data transmission by developing and manufacturing backplane connectors that meet stringent performance demands.

“The adoption of a common serial data transmission standard across multiple markets will simplify and accelerate the implementation of next-generation 10 Gbps systems,” said McCallum. “To leverage its industry-leading position, Molex is working closely with UXPi to develop the standard and accommodate Molex’s backplane connectors in the standard.”

Launched by a group of semiconductor companies and now comprising a diverse array of 17 companies, UXPi was created to help designers of silicon-integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and complete systems overcome the challenges associated with 10Gbps data transmission. If successful, UXPi will result in broad-based interoperability, reduced development costs and a shorter time to market for systems customers.

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