Molex SFP Ganged Cages

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The SFP Ganged Cages from Molex Inc. are multiport cages geared for networking applications such as switches and routers, and storage and data communication devices including high-end servers. The cages are available in four versions: 1x2, 1x4, 1x5 and 1x6. Their rugged metal cage design is based on the small form factor multisource agreement (MSA), include a press-fit pin design, an elastomer 360-degree gasket and multiple ground-pin locations for EMI containment.

“As networking and data communications equipment require higher bandwidth, our customers need to increase packaging density by adding more ports in a system,” said Craig Fosnaught, group product manager of high-performance adapters business unit at Molex. “The SFP Ganged Cages were designed specifically to deliver more PCB real estate than what is currently allowed in single-cage applications.”

By accepting copper and optical SFP modules for Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet applications, the SFP Ganged Cages also provide module versatility. Additionally, Molex offers a total solution package with the 20-position host connector, copper modules, loop back adapters, SFP patch cable assemblies and HSSDC2 cable assemblies.

Pricing per 100 units range from $6.88 to $9.24, depending on cage version. For additional information, visit