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MSNBC Installs Twin Alpha Digital Consoles From Calrec Audio

Calrec Audio announced that cable news provider MSNBC is using two identical, 64-fader Calrec Alpha digital at the MSNBC broadcast center in Secaucus, N.J. The Calrec desks have replaced two digital consoles the network had been using for almost 10 years and are used to mix such programs as Hardball With Chris Matthews, The Abrams Report, Rita Cosby Live & Direct, Scarborough Country and Imus in the Morning.

Both installations had to be undertaken within a 48-hour timeframe to ensure that the 24/7 news network was never without an audio desk. MSNBC’s engineering staff handled the installations from Friday night into Monday morning over two separate weekends, one for each console. “Calrec provided onsite configuration and training weeks in advance of our changeover and commissioning during the final integration,” says Tim Canary, manager of engineering at MSNBC. “They made sure everything was running perfectly before going live.”

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