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Music+Arts Studio Introduces Mix In Memphis

Remote analog mixing service goes live this week.

Mix In Memphis is designed to make remote mixing easy and affordable, requiring only that an artist or producer has Internet access. Users can upload tracks to Music+Arts Studio and within 7 to 14 days, mixes will be completed.

Prices start at $350 (Bronze) and include one set of revisions, with instrumental and vocal mixes, individual track stems and TV mixes available at the Gold and Platinum levels.

According to Music+Arts Studio, “There is something to that magical Memphis ‘thing’; while it may not actually be in the water, Music+Arts Studio can give your newest song, EP or album a rinse in it with a ‘Memphis Style Mix.'” 

“We are seeing more artists and producers choose to mix digital recordings they’ve created through a real analog console,” says Ward Archer, owner of Music+Arts Studio and Archer Records. “An analog console, like our all-discrete circuitry API, allows digital tracks to breathe and for their sound to fully develop, or ‘fatten.’ In addition to our API 48-channel console, we can further enhance mixes with some very special analog [and digital] outboard gear.”  

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