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Musician Devin Malone Tours with Hunter Hayes Using Radial Engineering Equipment

Multi-instrumentalist Devin Malone is touring with Hunter Hayes using Radial Engineering gear.

Nashville-based musician Devin Malone (pictured), a multi-instrumentalist, is currently traveling as a guitarist with country music artist Hunter Hayes’ We’re Not Invisible tour through the U.S. and parts of Canada over the next several weeks. Hayes’ current tour launched from Kentucky on March 20.

Malone says that he relies on Radial Engineering equipment in the studio and on the road, and that he recently picked up another Radial PZ-DI orchestral instrument DI for his pedal board.

“I’ve now got an A and B pedal board out with Hunter with three Radial products each. Each board has a ProRMP [passive re-amplifier] to receive the XLR from my wireless, a Twin-City ABY to switch between the acoustic and electric lines, and a PZ-DI for the acoustic line.”

Radial Engineering further reports that Hunter Hayes’ sound crew also purchased six JDI Duplex stereo direct boxes for the tour.

Malone says his rig expanded to accommodate all of the various instruments he plays. “For years I had a JDI on my board for my acoustic line,” Malone recalls. “I was very happy with it but I occasionally found a particular acoustic pickup system sounded terrible through it just due to an inherent impedance mis-match. The PZ-DI solved this problem for me with the switchable input impedance and also offered the Low Cut knob, which I’ve found to be an incredibly marvelous tool for fighting feedback while retaining a full sound. Previously, I’d have the sound guys start pulling frequencies and what I was left with often sounded anemic. Now I just spin the knob up a bit and the problem is gone but the tone stays.

“I’ve always loved Radial DI’s,” Malone adds. “In all my years of touring and playing clubs and bars, I’ve played through just about every type of DI on the market. I noticed fairly early on that Radial products always sounded great and always worked. All the products are working flawlessly and I’m sure they will continue to do so!”

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