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MW Audio Outfits Valencia Sound

Rich Handley at his newly outfitted Valencia Sound

MW Audio recently outfitted Valencia Sound, a new audio/video production facility in Santa Clarita, Calif., owned by composer/producer Rich Handley. The equipment package includes an Apple G5 Dual-2.5 GHz PC running Apple Final Cut Studio HD Production Suite and a Digidesign Pro Tools|HD2 DAW system with 192 I/O, 192 AD Expansion, MIDI Interface and Universal Sync cards. A Tascam DM-3200 Digital Mixer provides both front-end preamps and I/O converters for Pro Tools|HD and a HUI-capable Control Surface. A BlueSky System One powered surround system with bass management provides flexible 5.1-channel monitoring.

“I plan to handle a wide range of post and film work in the new room, so a fully integrated environment was very important,” says Handley. “MW Audio has considerable experience in commissioning audio-video systems, and was an ideal vendor for me. They also provided a lot of close support as I came up to speed with the various software applications and hardware systems. MW Audio also handled the sound proofing of my new facility, including specifying and installing a series of Auralex Acoustics Sound Blocks and Panels.”

Other hardware supplied by MW Audio includes an Apple 30-inch Cinema HD Display, GTech G-RAID 500 GB and 800 GB Firewire drives, a Tube Tech MP-1A Dual Tube mic pre-amp and a Neumann U87A condenser microphone with shock mount.

Musical instruments include a Yamaha Motif ES8-88 sampling synthesizer workstation. A separate custom Pentium 4-equipped PC, complete with a RME HDSP9652 24-channel, 24/96K audio card, runs Tascam GigaStudio GS3 sampling software.

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