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MXL V67i Now Shipping

MXL Microphones’ V67i ($199) incorporates dual, large 1-inch gold-sputtered capsules; the front capsule is the same 6-micron capsule used in MXL’s V67g cardioid condenser microphone, while the back capsule employs a proprietary material that simulates some of the bright-sounding vintage capsules of early ’60s-era tube microphones.

A red LED on both sides of the microphone (behind the grille) indicates which side is currently active and is particularly useful in low-light conditions. A Warm/Bright switch resides on the microphone’s front.

The new V67i has a gold grille and a dark green body. Unlike the V67g, the V67i features an improved solid-state preamp with balanced transformer output. On the instrument’s back side is a -6dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to better handle high sound pressure levels, along with a low-frequency roll-off switch to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise during outdoor recording.

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