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NAB Preview: Neumann BCM 705

Neumann has announced the BCM 705, the second microphone in the new Neumann broadcast line and the first Neumann dynamic microphone. It uses a Neumann-redesigned version of the Profi Power Sennheiser MD 431 handheld stage microphone and capsule. Housed in the same body as the previously introduced BCM 104, the BCM 705 is immediately identifiable as a Neumann dynamic microphone by its new green Neumann badge.

To enhance low frequencies, the entire chamber surrounding the capsule in the BCM 705 is enlarged and acoustically coupled to a rear entrance port. The same wire mesh pop screen principles used in the KMS 105 and BCM 104 microphones are used in the BCM 705, thus removing the need of foam in front of the capsule as originally used in the MD 431. The integrated pop screen can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools. Individual, color-coded head grilles are available for each user.

Neumann redesigned the capsule’s mechanical suspension to reduce the mic’s sensitivity to stand movement or handling shocks. The microphone in its mount is elastically suspended and compatible via standard broadcast-segment microphone arms.

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