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NAB Preview: Sennheiser/Rosendahl bonsaiDRIVE

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation, the U.S. distributor for Rosendahl, is introducing the new Rosendahl bonsaiDRIVE to the broadcasting market at NAB 2005 (Booth #N2822). The bonsaiDRIVE is an affordable, miniature, lightweight and extremely portable hard disc recorder that allows one to capture both high-quality video and multi-track audio. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the bonsaiDRIVE is targeted to the broadcast, post-production, video and multi-media markets as a standalone instant access recorder. Due to its versatility, the unit can also be used in a wealth of applications such as scientific research, video monitoring and security industries.

Simultaneously handling 4:2:2 PAL or NTSC video signals alongside ten audio channels, the Rosendahl bonsaiDRIVE allows the user to specify their own choice of standard IDE drive which neatly slots into the unit itself, creating a compact, lightweight recorder that also functions as a portable media storage device. Video is handled in either Composite, S-video or Component formats, and is processed using lossless 2:1 compression to yield extremely high-quality results, while the audio I/O is configured as an analogue stereo pair and a 24-bit, 48 kHz ADAT eight-channel digital stream. All bonsaiDRIVE recordings are stored as unique clips and allow the user to generate a movie playback with associated EDL. Each frame is recorded individually, enabling jog, shuttle and playback to be varied between +/- 200 percent.

Using proven synchronizer technology already pioneered in Rosendahl’s own Nanosyncs and Nanoclocks units, the bonsaiDRIVE boasts a full complement of connections including timecode, Sony nine-pin remote control, MTC, MMC, video sync, word clock and GPI/Os.

Weighing in at 1.6 kgs, the bonsaiDRIVE is available in both mains powered and 12V DC versions. The front panel is detachable, allowing it to run as a standalone remote control via a standard nine-pin connection, while a second nine-pin port enables an additional machine controller to be employed. MSRP: $2,225.00.

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