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NAB Preview: Sonifex S2, D:scribe, Net-Log

Sonifex Talkback TB-6D

Sonifex is showing a range of new products at NAB 2005 (Booth #C3526), including a new range of talkback intercoms, the S2 radio broadcast mixer with new 53-LED stereo meter panel, the D:scribe transcription system with new enhancements, two new distribution amps and the Net-Log 4-channel audio logger with larger drive.

Initially designed to interface with the S2 mixer, the TB-6D desktop or TB-6R rack-mount talkback intercoms can be used for general inter-studio talkback. There are also versions that work with the Sonifex Station Master studio switcher (TB-SD and TB-SR). Each studio has either a desktop, a rack-mount, or mixer-mounted intercom, containing a row of 6 switch buttons. Each switch button, when pressed, connects to another studio, and routes the presenter’s audio to it.

The S2 radio broadcast mixer will show a new 53 LED stereo meter panel. The S2 has both digital and analogue input channels, together with simultaneous analogue and digital outputs. Features include PFL/cue, fader-start operation of equipment, automatic monitor muting on mic-live, light switching remote outputs, optional EQ on input modules, gram amp input options and two main audio buses, allowing you to broadcast on the PRG bus while recording on the AUD bus, with bus output selection on each module.

The D:Scribe transcription system was launched at the end of last year, but now offers a number of enhancements, including a recording package and CD-ripper. Additionally, new licensing allows the D:Scribe Standalone version to be sold without the foot-pedal.

The Net-Log 4 channel audio logger is now fitted with a 200GB hard drive as a minimum spec. Larger drives can be fitted as required. It has been enhanced with the option to record using G.729 as the recording algorithm. For spoken language recordings, the amount of data required using G.729 can be reduced by a factor of between three and six. Net-Log serial control code is also being written so that it can be controlled by AMX, Crestron and Televic controllers. This enables
Net-Log to be used for making recordings in meeting rooms and board rooms.

Sonifex’s Redbox range of analogue and digital audio interfaces expands with the addition of two new distribution amplifiers that are being shown for the first time at NAB 2005. These will be on display together with the complete range of Redbox interfaces—distribution amplifiers, microphone amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, digital converters and matching amplifiers. Other products on display include the Courier USB portable flash-card recorder and the HY-03 range of telephone hybrids.

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