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Nady VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo

Nady Systems’ new harmonica mic, the VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo, is being produced in collaboration with Bushman Music Works and is being manufactured and distributed by Nady.

Designed specifically for harmonica use, the Torpedo features a cardioid-pattern dynamic cartridge expressly tailored for producing thick, fat tone while holding cupped—and enough “filthy” tone to satisfy even the most discriminating blues harp players. Open-air, uncapped use produces extremely smooth, clean vocal audio; the distinctive, proprietary fluted design allows for some inventive special effects and tone altering, including shaping hand wahs and flutters. Also, as the VHM-7 is also a high-performance vocal mic, harp players have the option of using the same mic for both singing and playing. The mic can be used with its own amp or plugged into the P.A.

Volume levels on the Torpedo can be turned up with virtually no feedback. With the increased volume flexibility, users can dial in almost any sound by balancing the treble, middle and bass settings on the amp.

The VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo is now shipping. For more information, visit For more new sound reinforcement products, visit