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NAMM: Mackie M Series

Mackie’s new M Series line of power amplifiers is designed to deliver high-efficiency stereo power with stellar audio performance. The M Series is available in three configurations: the M-2000, M-3000 and M-4000 (pictured), delivering 2,000W, 3,000W and 4,000W of Class-H power, respectively.

The new Mackie M Series amplifiers have been equipped with a host of features including an ultra-reliable, high-efficiency design that utilizes two- and three-rail Class-H circuitry, as well as Mackie’s proprietary Baker Clamp–based Fast Recovery circuitry to prevent harmonic distortion. M Series amplifiers also feature Mackie’s Adaptive Slewing technology that allows the amplifier to pass the fastest transient attacks without the distortion associated with traditional Class-H designs.

With up to 50 percent more output transistors, the M Series amplifiers deliver increased power and better headroom, as well as resistive loading of all stages and fully complementary/differential design from input to output.

Mackie engineers have equipped the M Series with advanced protection circuitry, including thermal protection, output DC offset protection, input slew protection and output stage protection and a robust, road-worthy steel chassis.

The new Mackie M Series amplifiers will be available Q2 2006 and will have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $899.99, $1,099.99 and $1299.99 for the M2000, M3000 and M4000, respectively.

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