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NASCAR Media Group Installs RealTraps Acoustical Treatment

RealTraps reports that it recently outfitted an audio mixing and post-production room for the NASCAR Media Group in Charlotte, N.C. James Lindenschmidt, General Manager of RealTraps, recently interviewed Wayne Morgan, audio post-production mixer with NASCAR Media Group, about the day-to-day work he does and about how RealTraps helps his work for the latest episode of the RealTraps Podcast, where you can hear the full interview.

“I do a lot of commercials and things for Raceday, post-production stuff for TV shows, spots on the Internet, and things in that genre,” Morgan says. “We may get an hour show or a half hour show, and we have to turn it around the same day. When I was hired here five years ago, I realized right away it’s about how fast you do it. It’s still about the quality, but it’s more about speed and getting things done quickly and knowing what you’re hearing. RealTraps plays a big part in that.”

Morgan says he had used other acoustic treatments in the past, but wasn’t getting the results he’d wanted. When it came time to upgrade, he knew he wanted to come to RealTraps.

“In the past [at previous studios] I’d built my own traps based off [RealTraps co-owner] Ethan Winer’s online ideas, but it’s nice now that I’m with NASCAR to go directly to RealTraps to get your professionalism and your professionally-made products. It’s been a big help to us here.”

NASCAR ended up using the MegaTraps, RFZ Panels, and HF MiniTraps. “I was able to get exactly what I wanted in the first round,” Morgan says. “I want to add more, but just with what I have in here so far it has made an immense difference. The low end is a lot tighter. For the most part the high frequency balance is perfect. I’m completely happy with how everything turned out.”

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