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Nashville Chamber Orchestra Records with Korg MR-1000

The Nashville Chamber Orchestra (NCO) is one of the first musical organizations to use the new Korg MR-1000 1-bit digital recorder. Founded in 1990 by music director Paul Gambill, NCO often commissions new, innovative works and crosses musical boundaries to incorporate a variety of genres, including jazz, folk and world music in its presentations.

Recording engineer Brian Foraker (a member of the product’s beta testing team) and NCO staff audio engineer Gary Hedden tested the MR-1000. “We did a recording of a rehearsal day and then had Paul come to listen at Gary’s studio,” says Foraker. “We played back both the [MR-1000’s] DSD 5.6 MHz recording and a 24/96kHz PCM version, then switched between them. He was amazed at the experience of hearing the NCO like this.”

“Hearing the orchestra recorded on the MR-1000 is like being on the conductor’s podium — it’s that real,” Gambill says. “Nothing else compares.”

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