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Nashville Guitarist Gordon Kennedy Builds Personal Studio

Nashville guitarist/producer/songwriter Gordon Kennedy (pictured) built a personal studio in his home called The Ample Room. Kennedy’s facility is distinctive for its striking VOX amplifier motif, as he covered nearly every inch of space with the VOX diamond grille cloth, tolex and other amplifier accoutrements.

“When I was confronted with making my studio into something unique with an unmatched vibe, I immediately thought of a musical motif based on the sound I had come to rely on,” Kennedy says. “With help from the people at VOX, we were able to cover the walls and acoustic treatments with VOX grille cloth, along with light and electrical outlet covers, trim details and other touches, including amplifier handles for the studio doors. It really became an immersive tribute to VOX and to the design of the amplifier. Everyone is pretty amazed with the level of detail that went into this, and they immediately ask about my personal experience with VOX. I only need to play a few notes through my AC30 and their question is answered. This is my tribute to that legendary sound.”

Kennedy is a Grammy winner who has worked with Peter Frampton, Garth Brooks and Michael McDonald, and written songs for artists including Eric Clapton and Trisha Yearwood.

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