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Native Instruments Introduces Supercharger GT Software Compressor

Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany, is releasing Supercharger GT ($99), a software compressor inspired by the rich, tube-driven sound of a boutique hardware unit. A follow-up to NI’s Supercharger compressor released in December 2013, Supercharger GT goes beyond modern tube compression by adding dedicated Saturation and Character modes and additional controls for complete sonic fine-tuning.

Supercharger GT was designed for simple yet comprehensive sound shaping. Users can quickly dial in a wide range of compression effects using a single Compress knob. The effect’s automatic make-up gain allows users to stay focused on the sound of the effect without having to compensate for the drop-in volume compression can sometimes cause. Preset Attack and Release settings provide a starting point for setting Supercharger GT’s response to incoming signals; users can start with Punch, Gentle and Slam modes. Dedicated Attack and Release controls allow an additional degree of fine-tuning.

Aside from compression, Supercharger GT also delivers a set of tone-shaping controls. A Saturation knob with Mild, Crisp and Slam saturation types give users three ways to add harmonic content to tracks. At lower settings, Supercharger GT offers subtle harmonic enhancement. At more extreme settings it delivers raw, distorted coloration. The Character knob can fill in missing low end and smooth out unruly high frequencies with Fat, Warm and Aggressive character modes adding to its versatility.

A Mid/Side mode lets users create space in a mix by applying the effect only to the left and right sides of a signal—perfect for adjusting stereo imaging. A detector highpass prevents unruly low end signals from falsely triggering the compressor.

NI states that owners of Supercharger can upgrade for a special price of $49.

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