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NBC Studios Upgrades with Radio Active Designs

Jim Dugan, owner of Jetwave Wireless in Alexandria, Virginia.

Jetwave Wireless, located in Alexandria, Virginia, recently installed two Radio Active Designs UV-1G wireless intercom systems in the NBC studio facilities in Washington, D.C. Jetwave also provided a third unit for use during remote broadcasts.

“As a wireless dealer we provide a lot of value-added services including the installation of fairly sophisticated distributed antenna systems,” explains Jim Dugan, owner of Jetwave Wireless. “With the upcoming 600MHz spectrum changes looming and an existing wireless intercom that they were not happy with, they were looking for a change. They wanted to see if there was another solution out there.”

As a Radio Active Designs dealer, Dugan says he was familiar with the newly introduced UV-1G wireless system. “The UV-1G unit has a number of features that no other wireless intercom system offers,” says Dugan. “The system is very spectrum friendly. The base station operates in a very small footprint in the UHF band while the bodypacks operate in the relatively unused VHF band, which minimizes problems with finding available bandwidth. The UV1G offers affords us good spectrum load balancing in putting intercom receive in VHF.

“With the UHF spectrum changes that are taking place in the near future, the product is very timely,” Dugan continues. “People want to purchase gear they know they can use for the next couple of years and this system is ready to go.”

Radio Active Designs states that after adding on to the existing distributed antenna system, the 12 RAD bodypacks work seamlessly anywhere in a studio facility: studios, green room, newsroom, outside in front of the building, and in the back hallways near craft services. The UV-1G can accommodate up to six RAD packs per unit.

“The other base station is used in the field,” adds Dugan. “They were extremely impressed with the studio units and needed something reliable and spectrum friendly away from the station. This was the very best choice for them. Nothing out there is as ready for the future as Radio Active Designs’ products.”

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