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Neutrik Crimp-XLR Series

Neutrik introduces the Crimp-XLR cable connector and chassis receptacle products at Winter NAMM 2007 in Anaheim, Calif.

As the crimp termination version of its XX and DLX Series, the new Crimp-XLR is a solution for large cable assemblies and solderless RoHS applications. It is available in several models: The 3-pole FXX (NC3FXX-A-D) and MXX (NC3MXX-A-D) cable connectors are terminated on semiautomated machines and include boot assembly and cable testing; the 3-pole FXX and MXX connectors (NC3FXX-HA/NC3MXX-HA) and the 3-pole NC3FD-LX-HA and NC3MD-LX-HA chassis connectors are terminated with hand crimp tools.

To showcase the Crimp-XLR’s benefits, Neutrik will host an ongoing presentation at its booth (Hall A, Booth #6320) throughout the duration of the NAMM show. This will include a demonstration of terminating preassembled cables with the suggested hand crimp tool, with samples to be given away to booth visitors.

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