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Neutrik Rides With Van Warped Tour

Neutrik served as an official sponsor of the recently completed East Coast Indie Stage (ECIS) at the Warped Tour. As sponsor, Neutrik supplied Silent Plug cable assemblies to each of the performing bands.

“On tour, you don’t really spend too much time thinking about cables and connectors, but when you’re using a product like the Neutrik Silent Plug, you are forced to pay attention,” says Joe Urban from ECIS performing band Modern Day Saint (pictured performing). “The Silent Plug saves you time and wear and tear on yourself and your amplifier.”

Josh Fifty from the group Split Fifty agrees: “Neutrik cables are super-sturdy and that’s important when you are a touring band; your gear has to hold up and the Neutrik equipment definitely does.” Bandmate Zach Fifty adds, “There has never been a cable assembly that offered this kind of performance. From the reaction of the other performers on tour, I know the Silent Plug will be popular with live musicians.”

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