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New Distribution Company Created

Scott Schumer (pictured) has created a new distribution company, In2Out Audio. “In forming this company, we are making pristine audio, flexibility and reliability our prime directives,” says Schumer, “folding U.S.-brand management and innovative strategies into top and bottom line growth, while providing superior solutions to our customers.

“Our vision is to have a distribution company that brings the best of all possible brands together to achieve an outstanding overall result from intelligently designed, integrated systems,” he continues. “It’s what I know well and I’m delighted the idea has come to fruition in the form of In2Out.”

In2Out’s first brand is DiGiCo. In2Out is incorporating part of DiGiCo’s existing infrastructure—including the top sales and technical team of Allan Nichols and Taidus Vallandi. “We’ve always wanted someone of Scott’s caliber working with us,” says DiGiCo managing director Bob Doyle. “So to have him heading up top-flight U.S. distribution representing DiGiCo gives us the best of all possible worlds with no change to our current team and setup, an optimum arrangement for us.”

In2Out has other product lines in its sights and intends to move forward with these in the spring, when it may also be looking for additional high-end brands to add to its portfolio.

“Careful selection of complementary brands of the highest quality will always yield maximum benefit to our individual brands and our customers,” concludes Schumer. “From the microphone to the loudspeakers, everything comes in and out of the mixing console, so with DiGiCo as our inaugural brand, we are off to a wonderful and exciting start.”

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