New Sound Reinforcement Products

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Contour Controller Version 2 software — available as a functional 30-day demo on Lake Contour's expanded Website ( with full integration of Lake's SmaartLive™ Controller Version 5 software — is now shipping. SmaartLive Controller software supports bidirectional communication between Contour Controller and SIA SmaartLive. This allows spectrum, spectrograph and transfer function measurements to be displayed within the Contour's EQ and XOVER Overlay pages while passing control data from the controller back to SmaartLive. Communication can occur on the same host computer or across Ethernet connecting two PCs. Other Contour Controller enhancements include user selection of the input signal to each Contour module, block diagram and Toolbar Context navigation for quickly moving within the app, and a choice of milliseconds/feet/meters on the Delay page. Also, stereo AES/EBU digital I/O supports 24-bit resolution from 44.1k to 96 kHz, allowing Lake Contour to be used as an EQ, delay and dynamics channel insert processor.


Now distributed exclusively by Dana B. Goods (www.rocknroller, Rock N Roller Multi-Carts are available in five models to suit the needs of musicians and live sound pros. The patented Multi-Carts transform into eight configurations to safely and easily move up to 500 pounds of gear. The latest models are lighter, stronger and fold smaller than earlier designs, and now feature black/yellow textured paint and patent-pending wheels and casters that improve shock absorption and reduce caster noise.


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Debuted at NAMM, Allen & Heath's ( PA Series of stereo live sound mixing consoles include the PA12 (eight mono inputs), PA20 (16 mono inputs) and PA28 (24 mono inputs) mixers, the unpowered siblings of the company's PA-CP (Constant Power) models. Features include a new padless preamp, onboard digital FX, parametric output EQ, 4-band channel EQ (with sweep HM band), individual phantom power switches, mutes and PFLs (with LEDs), four aux sends and two extra stereo input channels. Also standard are pre/post-fader analog and digital (S/PDIF) recording outputs, 12-segment LED meters and XLR lamp socket.


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Klark Teknik ( debuts the all-new DN100 direct box. The active, transformer-balanced unit has two parallel TRS ⅛-inch and female XLR input jacks, a male XLR output, and runs on 48VDC phantom power. Standard are -20dB pad and ground lift switches, a fitted silicone-rubber outer sleeve to absorb shocks and a Kensington lock facility that works with a standard computer security cable to prevent unscheduled disappearances.


ATI (Audio Technologies Inc., has released the AV8 Series, a new product line of Cat-5/6 twisted-pair transmitters and receivers for composite or S-Video and stereo audio (balanced or unbalanced). These are the first products to be delivered in ATI's compact XFORM size — a ⅛-rackwidth package, with 1RU and 0.5RU-high variations. The AV8 can transmit video and audio signals up to 1,000 feet over twisted-pair UTP cable such as Cat-5/5e/6. UTP cable is a fraction of the size of coaxial cable, and much lighter, more flexible, easier to terminate and less expensive.


For truly portable sound reinforcement, Phonic America ( offers a complete self-contained system featuring two full-range speakers, mixer, dynamic microphone and all the cables you'll need to get connected. RoadGear 160 features 160 watts of power with a 4-channel mixer, plus a stereo input for keyboards, CD players or other stereo sources. RoadGear 260 offers 260 watts, a 6-channel mixer, two stereo channels and ships with two dynamic microphones. Prices: 160, $699.99; 260, $849.99.