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Radial Engineering ( announces the J-Pak, which allows up to eight Radial JDI or J48 direct boxes to be mounted in a standard two-rackspace chassis. The DIs can be mixed or matched — depending on user requirements-based on preferences for either the JDI (passive with Jensen transformer) or J48 (active, high-rail voltage, phantom-powered) units.


The industry standard for enclosure/crossover design, LEAP™ 5.0, from LinearX Systems (, now consists of two separate applications: EnclosureShop™ and CrossoverShop™. EnclosureShop handles the transducer-modeling/enclosure design featuring diffraction analysis, structural enclosure analysis, nonlinear acoustic simulation, far/near/chamber-pressure analysis, 360° (H/V) polar-field simulation, infinite/finite volume domains, full/half/quarter/eighth-space domains and OpenGL® 3-D graphics and editing. CrossoverShop provides tools to create dividing topologies based on measured response data, offering analog passive/active and digital filter FIR and IIR design/analysis, mixed domain analog/digital designs, impedance/SPL/group delay optimization, graphical schematic entry/editing and more.


Intended for use in large performance venues to small music clubs and installations, the Touring Concert Systems by Carvin ( are available in two- and three-way designs. TCS' no-compromise approach to bi- and tri-ampable systems combines high-quality drivers with heavily braced enclosures constructed of ¾- and 1.5-inch cross-grain, laminated Baltic birch plywood with flyable hardware. Systems include slant monitors, trapezoidal mains and optional subwoofers, all with a five-year warranty against manufacturer's defects.


Distributed by Nexo in the U.S., the new Tecton Series of power amplifiers from CAMCO ( features high-efficiency/low-weight switch-mode power supplies. Designed to offer the same high-performance and low dynamic distortion as CAMCO's successful Vortex amps, but in a more accessible price bracket, the Tecton Series features 10 models, ranging from 2×300 watts (at 4 ohms) to 2×1,950 watts (at 4 ohms), and all feature three parallel-mono, bridged-mono and stereo modes. Other features include selectable input sensitivity, clip limiting, subsonic filter, LED status indicators, DC Protection and an optional remote control.


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Color Cue cables from Peavey ( include a lighted band on the female XLR to easily ID mics in dark performance spaces. Available in a standard 20-foot length with red, green, blue, yellow, white, magenta, purple and orange-colored lenses, Color Cues are phantom-powered (no batteries) and work with any dynamic or condenser mic. Retail: $43.99.