New Sound Reinforcement Products



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Alcons Audio's ( new TS Series of compact loudspeakers is designed for basic reinforcement, fills or under-balcony applications. Both the TS 3 and TS 7 feature a 6.5-inch, mid-bass driver with a 1-inch, soft-dome tweeter on an optimized wave guide. Peak power for the TS 3 is 400 watts, with an efficiency of 89 dB (1W/1m) and a frequency response of 66-20k Hz. The TS 7 offers peak power of 800 watts, with an efficiency of 92 dB (1W/1m) and a frequency response of 66-20k Hz. Other highlights: Speaker components are matched by an audiophile-grade crossover network, and baffle reflections have been eliminated by flush-mounting the components and perforating the sides of the grille. The TS 3 and TS 7 feature double Speakon connectors and a variety of mounting accessory options.


Martin Audio ( rounds out its benchmark W8L Line Array system with the new, compact W8LS Line Array Subwoofer. The W8LS is designed to augment the W8L in large-scale applications where the sub-bass must be flown. The W8LS is a high-power, dual-long-excursion, 18-inch direct radiator design that produces 138dB continuous and 144dB peak, with an extended response from 32-180 Hz (±3 dB) and a usable response to 28 Hz (-10 dB). The cabinet contains twin 1,000-watt, 18-inch (460mm) drive units with magnet structure and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion. The drivers are reflex-loaded by ports at either end of the enclosure; substantial internal bracing minimizes energy absorption by the cabinet walls. The W8LS measures 51.7×19.3×29.7 inches and weighs 238 pounds.


Shure Inc. ( is now offering Countryman's B6 omnidirectional lavalier and E6 omnidirectional EarSet microphones as an option to its wireless systems. Countryman will provide a limited one-year warranty that covers defects in material and labor for any B6 or E6 products purchased through Shure. The units are compatible with most Shure bodypacks; the earworn mics (models WCE6B and WCE6T) have a suggested retail price of $488.50, while the lavalier units (models WCB6B and WCB6T) list for $408.50.


JBL Professional's ( new SoundFactor Install (SFi) speakers have installation versions of two models: Both of the new SF12Mi and SF15i have the same value/performance as their ground-bound counterparts. Each new model has three M10 threaded suspension points, and the speakers are supplied with three forged, shouldered eyebolts. Both models have two suspension points on top; the SF15i has a pullback point on the lower rear panel, while the SF12Mi's pullback point is on the bottom panel. The handles, pole-mount socket and feet have been removed for a clean, uncluttered appearance.


Renkus-Heinz's ( CobraNet™ Breakout Box lets users connect non-CobraNet products to a CobraNet network without purchasing special amplification or retrofitting existing systems with CobraNet technology. The unit provides six fully balanced analog output channels on miniature Phoenix output connectors (supplied); all outputs are muted via power on/off to prevent system thumps. Also included are an output for the company's R-Control system, a standard pair of RJ-45 Ethernet connectors that allow for redundant signal transmission and two balanced line-level analog inputs.


Sennheiser ( introduced three new vocal microphones to its 800 Series of entry-level mics. The E 815S, E 816S and the E 817S are cardioid mics housed in rugged metal bodies for performance durability and suppression of handling noise. Each mic comes with an XLR/XLR or XLR/¼-inch cable and a mic clip.