New Sound Reinforcement Products



QSC's ( next-generation audio platform, melds the company's power amplification and loudspeaker products into a unified system, controlled via an integrated graphical interface. The first in a series of hardware engines designed to operate over an Ethernet network under the company's platform, the new Basis 922az combines amp/loudspeaker control, monitoring/protection, configurable DSP and CobraNet™ audio transport in a single-rackspace package. Basis 922az has eight analog line-level inputs and eight QSC DataPort outs (four stereo channels) that connect to the QSC DataPort-equipped amp, and the internal 24×24 DSP engine combines these I/Os with CobraNet channels. MEYER UPJ-1P WITH ROTATABLE VARIO HORN

The first Meyer ( product to feature a rotatable horn, the new UPJ-1P's 80°×50° VariO™ horn can be rotated — in the shop or in the field — to provide optimum coverage horizontally or vertically. The compact 11.25×22.3×12.25-inch (W×H×D), self-powered UPJ-1P produces 130dB (1m) SPL peaks and is ideal for FOH in small/medium venues, or as a delay, fill or distributed system in larger venues. A 10-inch neodymium woofer and a proprietary 3-inch diaphragm (0.75-inch exit) compression driver are driven by a 300-watt (total) 2-channel Class-A/B amp. A variety of QuickFly® rigging options and rigging hardware are offered. DIGICO D5 LIVE V. 2 SOFTWARE

Version 2 software for DiGiCo's ( D5 Live digital mixer adds improvements and extra features. Free to existing D5 Live owners, V. 2 provides facilities such as four-console networking for gain-tracking FOH/monitor inputs or connecting to a second redundant console for fail-safe recovery. Other tweaks include security modes to prevent accidental changes during shows; snapshot timed automatic sequencing; solo A/B buses; monitoring delay on/off switching; enhanced MIDI message editing; 32 additional insertable processing channels on an optional slave card; six (or three stereo) graphic EQs to onboard FX slots 5/6; and more. APEX INTELLI-X DIGITAL EQ/SPEAKER MANAGEMENT

Intelli-X, from Apex (dist. by Transamerica Audio,, is a 24-bit/48kHz, 4-input, 8-output EQ- and speaker-management system. The one-rackspace, networkable unit features adjustable crossovers, graphic/parametric EQs and delays with output limiters for speaker protection, and the simultaneous availability of 256 EQ filters. Matrix routing allows true stereo two/three/four-way systems to be set up for FOH; on monitors, Intelli-X can drive four two-way systems. Unused I/Os provide processing for other applications such as delay speakers. CADAC M20 REMOTE MIC PREAMPS

Cadac's ( M20 is a three-rackspace unit with 16 high-quality mic amplifiers. Each input features 50 dB of gain in 1dB steps; -20dB and 48V phantom power switches; and two electronically balanced XLR outputs, with a third balanced out on a 37-way “D”-type connector. All settings are adjustable from the front panel or three remote-control options: via a PC with SAM or M20 control, or using Cadac's RM20 dedicated remote controller. MACKIE SRM350 ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER

Retailing at $699, the SRM350 from Mackie ( is a compact, two-way, bi-amped system capable of 121dB SPLs with its built-in 165-watt (LF) and 30-watt (HF) amps driving a 1-inch HF driver on a waveguide horn and single 10-inch woofer. Features include a Dynamic Bass Boost loudness switch, active thermal and overload limiting protection, and a high-impact plastic-enclosure design that's suited for FOH or floor monitor use, as well as handles, fly points and pole mount. 

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