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New York University Hosts Surround Sound Seminar

Photo credit: David Weiss

In September, DTS, Genelec and Sonic Solutions partnered for a presentation on surround sound in New York University’s impressive new recording studio, The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, in the facility’s spacious live room, Studio 510.

The educational “History of Surround Sound” seminar was presented by DTS’ Jeff Levison. Following a break, DTS’ Ronnie Katz, Scott Esterson and John Carey demonstrated 7.1-channel lossless DTS-HD master audio, featuring an extremely subsonic experience courtesy of a submarine scene from the movie U-571. The music demonstration was based on groundbreaking electronic artist BT’s 5.1 DVD/CD release, The Binary Universe. Also discussed was the process of mixing for HD surround in Pro Tools and DTS’ new HD audio encoders, as well as Sonic Solutions’ high-definition audio authoring tools for Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats.

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